India is a vast country with a great variation in climate and terrain, and just as each region has its own different language and customs, these varied regions also boast their own special style and flavor of cooking. Whether it’s Kashmir to the north, where the spice Saffron is used for coloring a variety of Indian dishes and adding a touch of mildness, or where the rich and creamy Delhi Mogul style is most popular, to the South of India, where the same dishes become spicy and aromatic due to the region’s prominence as a major spice growing area. This appreciation of subtle spices and seasoning is what makes Indian food distinctive.


Saffron Indian Restaurant has carefully selected dishes from many regions of India for our main menu. Since our opening on June 2, 2013, our policy has been to serve freshly cooked, authentic Indian food to all our customers according to their individual tastes. That means they can request the full range of seasoning, from mild to very spicy, for all the dishes we serve. For those who tend to avoid Indian food because of its spiciness, they now have the chance to enjoy the delicate flavors of Indian cuisine without worry. Come and enjoy the Saffron experience as our food, service and ambiance is sure to capture your senses.


We look forward to serving you at Saffron Indian Restaurant.